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DNA logo DNA testing to establish  or disprove connections between holders of the same surname have become commonplace, and a FOSKETT DNA  Surname Project was set up to further this research.

The aim of the project is to determine whether all holders of the surname and its variants have a common ancestor.  At the moment, it would appear that there are three separate groups of FOSKETTs 

However there are a number of subsidiary objectives:

  •  - confirmation of existing research
  •  - filling gaps where records no longer exist
  •  - providing pointers to geographic areas where research can be conducted

Unfortunately dnaheritage who hosted our Foskett project was subsumed by Familytree DNA and it has taken a long time to set up a new Foskett project with them.  The administration of the DNA Foskett project has kindly be taken over by Ann and you can either get in touch with her via the Familytree DNA project site or by emailing me and I will forward it on to her

There were 10 members of the project with 7 member's DNA profile complete and a further DNA profile of a Foskett from elsewhere. It would be very useful if they could contact Ann and have their results included in the new project.

If you are descended from one of the following lines, then your DNA profile would be particularly valuable:  Cranfield, Odell, Eversholt in Bedfordshire; Tring, Berkhampstead, Barnet and Sacombe in Hertfordshire; Ringstead in Northamptonshire;  Barnet, Finchley and Hampstead in Middlesex, ; any State but particularly Massachusetts in USA; any descendant of the Pennyweight Flats Fosketts in Australia.  In many cases a DNA test could confirm links between these and other Foskett trees, especially where assumptions have been made through lack of documentary evidence.  It would also be interesting if a FORSCUTT or the English FOSGATE would consider testing, to see whether in fact they have the same root as the FOSKETTs

Another great mystery could be solved if we could get some idea of the English lineage of John Foskett of Massachusetts, born England ca 1636.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of Americans who claim this John as an ancestor - are you one of them?  DNA has already shown two branches of the same family in England, although the actual parentage of John is at the moment unknown.

If you have any questions about DNA and family history, please feel free to email me at the above address.

A copy of the last FOSKETT DNA Report I produced, dated 2 July 2008 can be obtained from me at


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