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What's New

 The purpose of this page is to list additions and changes made to the web-site so that there is no need to scan through all the pages looking for alterations.  The latest amendments are at the top of the list.

26 May 2015

Added the USA directories:


06 Mar 2015

Added Massachussets State Census 1855 (201 records)

Added Massachussets State Census 1865 (170 records)

Added Minnesota State Censuses (39 records)

Added New York State Census 1855 (67 records)

Added New York State Census 1915 (107 records)

Added New York State Census 1925 (153 records)

05 Mar 2015

Added USA graves information (1411 records)

02 Mar 2015

Added further 30 Apprenticeship records

23 Feb 2015

Updated Toddington Family Tree

17 Feb 2015

Added USA 1940 Census (785 records)

Added Canada Voters Lists (690 records)

13 Feb 2015

Added Royal Air Force 1918 (9 records)

Added Royal Airforce Service Papers (19 records)

Added National School Logs (147 records)

Added National Schools Admission Records (101 records)

12 Feb 2015

Added London Electoral Rolls to 1939 (6665 records)

Added London Electoral Rolls to 1961 (3554 records)

11 Feb 2015

Added Westminster Rate Books 213 Records

Updated Crematorium and Cemetery Records 365 Records

10 Feb 2015

Added London School Admissions 217 records

Added London Electoral Rolls 2382 records

09 Feb 2015

The North Crawley tree has been updated.

Stepney Tree has been updated

Great Horwood Tree has been updated.

Cople Tree has been updated

DNA page updated

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