John Foskett of Massachusetts (1636-1689)

John Fosket(t) was born in England circa 1636 and is found in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1658.  The vast majority of Foskett/Foskitt/Fosgate families in the USA can trace their ancestry back to this man.

It has been almost a life work of Marilyn Labbe of Connecticut to trace all the descendants of John, not just the Foskett lines but also the female lines, resulting in many, many thousands of descendants.  Marilyn has now agreed to her extensive research being published in full on this web-site and we will be collaborating over the next few months (years?) to get this done.  The latest update, which is not yet the final version, can be accessed via the index here.  

Meanwhile, the search for John's origins in England continue to be pursued.  Unfortunately there are few passenger lists in existance for the period when John would have sailed for the New World. However, through the DNA testing, several related families has been found in England.

Simon Foskett of Northampton County, Virginia

The above John Foskett was not the first Foskett settler in the USA.  Simon Foskett (Foscot, Foskutt, Foscett) was granted land in Virginia in 1642 according to NUGENT, NELL MARION. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666. Vol. 1.   He is probably the same Simon who is found with his wife Elizabeth as a passenger to Virginia in 1654 by GREER, GEORGE CABELL. Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666.  It is possible that Simon had returned to England to collect his wife.  No evidence has been found that they had any children either in England or Virginia.

Elizabeth died in Hungars, Northampton County, Virginia, about Dec 1660 and Simon Foscoat remarried  03 Jan 1661 to Ann COOK in the same place.  Northampton was one of the original shires established in 1634.  Originally called Accomak, it was renamed Northampton in 1643 after the birthplace in England of two of its prominent citizens.  It may be that this Simon was also from Northamptonshire as the name Simon Foscot is not unknown in the early records of that English county.  It is not known whether Simon had any children by either wife.
                                             Other Foskett families in USA
The following is a list of heads of families who originated in England and who link to existing family trees on this website.  Go to Families UK link and look for the place of origin to access the details.
(Those places marked with * don't yet have a family tree uploaded.)


 Birth Year

 Death Year

 USA Place

 England Place

 Alfred Foskett  1887  1919  Ft Atkinson, WI  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 Cecil John Foskett  1901  1984  Buffalo, NY  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 Frederick Foskett  1839  1918  Bexar, TX  Toddington, Bedfordshire
 George Foskett  1866  ?  Seaboard, Princess Anne, VA  Toddington, Bedfordshire
 Harry Foskett  1856  ?  ?  Stepney, London
 Harry Joseph Foskett  1870  1952  Manhattan, NY and Los Angeles, CA  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 Henry Foskett  1734  ?  Transported to Maryland  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 James Foskett  1845  ?  Pennsylvania  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 Jesse Foskett  1836  1918  Niles, OH  Odell, Bedfordshire
 Joseph Foskett  1793  1874  Fairfield, OH  Stoke Goldington, Buckinghamshire
 Mark Hill Forscutt  1834  1903  Nebraska  Ringstead, Northamptonshire*
 Samuel Foskett  1843  1908  Lorain, Ohio  Odell, Bedfordshire
 Samuel Foskett  1878  1961  Colorado Springs, CO  Stepney, London
 Sidney James Foskett  1874  1963  Los Gatos, CA  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 Thomas Theophilius Foskett  1896  ?  Fall River, Bristol, MA  Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
 William Foskett  1833  1911  Brooklyn,  NY  Toddington, Bedfordshire
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