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Foskett Families

It is intended that this page will provide links to the family trees of the various Foskett (and variants) branches that have been researched.  Each family group will be accompanied with both notes and sources together with any assumptions that have been made about the line of descent/ascent.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  All these family trees are "work in progress" and  are regularly updated as additional information is acquired and added. The information should therefore NOT be published elsewhere on the internet.
Bedfordshire - Cople (1705-) - 249 descendants and 123 spouses
I have called this family the Cople Fosketts, although they didn't originate in that village.  However, they spread from here to St Neots in Huntingdonshire, to Ringstead and Stanwick in Northamptonshire and to Canada.  The earliest known person on this tree is John Foskett who married in Bedfordshire in 1704 but came from St Andrews, Holborn in London at the time.  The most interesting point about this family is that there is an exact match of DNA between its descendants and  descendants of John Foskett of Massachusetts, USA who was born in England circa 1636, proving that the two families are very closely related. (possibly as close as uncle and nephew).
My instincts are leading me to think that the family originated somewhere in Northamptonshire, possibly in or near Great Addington.  Several wills of Fosketts in this latter place mention Foskett relatives in London.  Unfortunately the early parish registers for Great Addington are lost.  Click here for the index for this family .
Bedfordshire - Odell ( 1799-) -  484 descendants and 230 spouses
The head of this family tree, Thomas Foskett was born circa 1764.  He produced a large family and whilst many of his descendants remained in Odell, others spread in to nearby Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and elsewhere.  The family was obviously illiterate and has been quite difficult to track down due to the numerous spellings of the surname.  The modern day name FORSKITT is peculiar to the Northamptonshire branch of this family.  The family had numerous brushes with the law, resulting in the death of one of them in Bedford gaol and the transportation to Australia of others.  Click here for an index to this family
Bedfordshire - Toddington and Eversholt - and Finchley, Herts ( 1714-) -  464 descendants and 249 spouses
The head of this family tree, Thomas Foskett was fathering children in the early part of the 18th century and died in 1758.  His descendants spread to Hampstead and Finchley , where they owned a number of cottages, known as Foskett Cottages.  Some descendants moved to Southwark, south of the River Thames  and others emigrated to Australia.


Buckinghamshire, Great Horwood (1405- ) 2817descendants and 1405 spouses

The name originated as FOXCOTT, changed to FOSCOTT or FOSCOTE in the 1500s and then to FOSKETT in the 1600’s.  The FOXCOTE family appear to have arrived in the manor of Great Horwood in 1405, as there is no prior reference to them in the extensive records of that manor.  However there are a few small gaps in the records of the 1400’s and this leaves some of the family tree for the next 100 years somewhat in the “possible” category.  One of the problems here is that some of the family obviously lived elsewhere – Bradwell Abbey - and sporadically returned to the village.  So it is difficult to assess whether when one of them is placed in tithing, he is a 12 year old just coming of age or a more mature man returning to the village.  There is a John Foxcote witnessing a document in Thornborough, a neighbouring parish, in the 1380’s which could be a relative of Willian Foxcote, the top man on this tree.


The family remained in the vicinity of Great Horwood until the 20th century, although many members spread the family very widely indeed.  An early departure was to Grendon Underwood in the same county and some to London.  A large family developed in a nearby parish of Hoggeston, but eventually dispersed to Grandborough and Winslow; Buckland and Aston Clinton; Berkhampstead Northchurch and Tring in Hertfordshire; Harrow, Hampstead, Marylebone and Camberwell in the London area; Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire; Warwick and Rugby: and a number went to the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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Buckinghamshire, North Crawley  (1560-) 481 descendants 247 spouses
The North Crawley Fosketts resided in North Crawley from 1560 until around 1730.    Some of the earlier generations spread into London and Bristol. One 17th century William Foskett was a Commissioner for Buckinghamshire under Oliver Cromwell and in the 17th and 18th century they were Baptists - Bernard Foskett founded the Baptist College in Bristol.  The family appears to have been relatively wealthy whilst in North Crawley.  The first major migration was in 1787 to Cranfield in Bedfordshire and from there they appear in Gloucestershire and Bristol: Olney, Buckinhamshire; Tring, Hertfordshire and Marston and Ampfield in Bedfordshire.  Another branch spread into Yorkshire.  Publicans, shopkeepers, teachers, bakers figure in their ranks.  However, more recent research among the freedom records of the City of London has shown that the wealthy Fosketts in London are also descended from this family and they have the same DNA markers for the American Fosketts, the Stepney Foskett and the Cople Fosketts, although the links have not yet been discovered.
Buckinghamshire, Stoke Goldington ca 1756 (26 descendants 16 spouses)
This family is headed by William and Rachel Foskett who were having children in Stoke Goldington in the 1750s.  Their grandson Joseph ended up in Ohio, USA, but it was his sons George and Thomas who appear to have emmigrated first.  As far as it can be ascertained, the USA branch of this family were the only Foskett survivors.  The marriage of William and Rachel has not been found, but it is possible that they originated in the County of Northamptonshire.
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Cambridgeshire, Melbourn  (1657-)  150 decsendants and 71 spouses
This family is first recorded in Melbourn in 1657 with an Andrew Foskett and appears to have remained there for about 100 years, a few baptisms recorded in nearby Meldreth.  They then  migrated to Hertfordshire where they are found in Hoddesdon, Sacombe, Bengeo and Ware. Subsequently branches are found in South Wales and in Australia.  I believe the antecedants of this line may be Richard Foscatt of Barley and Barkway in Hertfordshire who married in 1578.  He had a daughter (according to IGI) called Andrie and several sons, none of whom I have been able to trace.  The names Andrew and Andrie are unique for the Fosketts at this time and they may well be related and Melbourn is less than 6 miles from Barley and Barkway.

Hertfordshire,  Berkhampstead (1) (ca 1740-) 282 descendants 150 spouses

 The John Foskett who heads this tree could either be the son of George Foskett of Frithsden or John Foskett of Buckland, both of whom appear on the Great Horwood tree in different branches.  Although a DNA test would confirm that he belonged to this tree, it probably wouldn’t indicate which John he was.  He could also be the father of Henry Foskett in Berkhampstead (2) below; again a DNA test would prove or disprove this. Although many of the descendants of this family remained in the Berkhampstead area, some were born in Ireland - children of a military descendant.   Click here for an index to this family



Hertfordshire, Berkhampstead (2) (ca 1790-) 79 descendants 41 spouses

This family is found in the early 19th century in the Berkhampstead area headed by Henry Foskett, who claims to be the son of John Foskett.  At first it was thought that the John may well have been John of Buckland, Buckinghamshire (part of the Great Horwood tree), but DNA testing has shown this not to be the case.  Henry’s son John eventually moved to the Birmingham area where descendants live today.  Other descendants of Henry’s live in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, and Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

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Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead (ca 1759-) - 58 descendants and 37 spouses
This family, headed by Samuel Foskett, is first found in Hemel Hempstead and then later in Iver, Buckinghamshire.  Later generations moved to London where his son Henry Foskett is found in Clerkenwell and his son John in Limehouse.
London, Stepney (1704-) - 781 descendants and 414 spouses
This family is first recorded in Whitechapel, Stepney, with a marriage of a John Foskett.  It was a huge family, spreading widely in the East End of London and then further afield, south of the River Thames, into Essex and as far as Australia.  The family was first associated with weaving, but then went into the meat trade as butchers and bone boilers.  Another branch became wire drawers and moved to Camberwell before spreading to Newcastle Upon Tyne and Yorkshire.
Northamptonshire, Moulton  (1640-)   FASCUTT - 56 descendants and 27 spouses

 This family’s name of FASCUTT seems to be derived from FOSCOTT/FOSCUTT and spread from Moulton to Boughton, Northampton and Ecton, all in Northants.  Although some branches appear in other villages in the area and another branch moved to Lambeth in Surrey, the name seems to have died out in modern times.  Although most FASCUTTs can be found on this tree, there are a few that will only  fit with further research.

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Northamptonshire, Ringstead (1607-) FOSCOTT, FOSCUTT, FORSCUTT - 344 descendants and 185 spouses

This family's name began as FOSCOTT, changed to FOSCUTT and eventually became FORSCUTT.  All known FORSCUTT's worldwide can trace their ancestry back to this village, although there are a few I cannot with certainty link to this particular tree.  A few emigrated to USA and Canada but numerous FORSCUTTs can be found in Australia.  A DNA test on a legitimate descendant of the family is desireable to test whether it links to the other families whose origins are in the name FOSCOTT.

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Suffolk, Great Waldingfield  (before 1688-) FOSKER, FOSKEW, FOSCUE, FOSKETT - 151 descendants, 86 spouses.
This family had the surname Fosker, Foskew, Forskew, Foscue, before one of their number, James (1839-1890) changed his name permanently to FOSKETT.  The family is found in Great Waldingfield for several centuries before James joined the army and is living in Woolwich (London) and Northamptonshire.  With the death of his first wife, the children became dispersed, although descendants returned to the Great Waldingfield area in later years.
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Wiltshire, Malmesbury (before 1587 - 1750's) - 39 descendants and 14 spouses

This family is currently headed up by two brothers, one of whom died before 1587.  The name began as FOSCOTT but became FOSKETT by the 17th century.  The family spread to Bristol and Gloucestershire but seemed eventually failed in the male line.  However, I have another family which almost certainly links to this one, due to the unusual name of Maurice, but as yet, the connection has not been found.

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